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is a contemporary artist, writer, and photographer.

Powerful, mystical, beautiful – words which describe her colorful yet daring abstractions.

Her work is imbued with emotions and impressions of how she experiences the world.

When the brush hits the canvas, high contrast vivid explosions of colors manifest, combined

with passive and dominate colors, to bring out the own voice of the artwork.

Jana Larisa describes her working process as a dialogue between herself and the painting.

A dialogue with no expectations, rules or concept. It’s more like a playful conversation between seeking and observing, (re-)action and stillness.


While she mainly focuses on fine arts, she also dwells in the art of writing.

Poetry in its finest and sometimes funniest forms is presented by the "Poetomat"; a writing performance, which was founded by Jana Larisa and Majo in 2017.

Finding inspiration in the largest and most dazzling cities in the world, Jana Larisa also captures the breathing moment in photographs. Whether it be architecture, native people or wildlife - the artists tries to captures the moment to give it a long lasting meaning.

The artist lives and works in Hamburg, Germany.



> Art and Connect | January 2022 | Hamburg

> Art3f via Van Gogh Art Gallery | January 2022 | Paris

> Van Gogh Art Gallery | January til April  2022 | Madrid

> YUMA COLLECTIVE art exhibition | May 2022 | Hamburg

> 45 Hertz Festival | Solo exhibition | August 2022 | Hamburg

> POP UP ART GALERIE | August 2022 | Hamburg

> KULTUR&GUT exhibition | September 2022 | Hamburg


> Atelier 21 | May 2023 | Hamburg

YUMA COLLECTIVE art exhibition | May 2023 | Hamburg

> twentythree collective exhibition | August 2023 | Hamburg
Artsherrn via Ratsherrn Brauerei | October 2023 | Hamburg

> Hijack Gallery | November til December 2023 | Hamburg

Publikation Jana Larisa.JPG


„Dreierlei Mut – Collagen zur Relevanz von Poesie, Literatur & Schreiben in Gesellschaft & Gesundheit“, published by Kerstin Hof, at HPB University Press Berlin, Hamburg 2020.

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